Why English Country Cottages Are a Great Choice for a Holiday!

If you are looking to go on holiday and really see England, then you must check about staying at an English cottage. English country cottages are the best experience that you can have of the English countryside and they come with a feel that's totally different from staying in a hotel. You get many other benefits besides.

  1. English country cottages are much cheaper. They will cost you a fraction of what you would pay in a hotel, and considering that you will get the very same accommodations and even better, you will have your money going for longer.

  2. They are situated in the English countryside which since time immemorial, has been known for its beauty. The views are magnificent. Most of England is rolling hills with beautiful scenery. In good weather, you can go on long walks and get to see lots and lots of places that are historical. Your experience with English cottages will be rather enhanced if you learn a bit about the place that you'll be staying – most of England has a rich, old history.

  3. You are far away from the hustle and bustle. Most of the time when we take a holiday, we are trying to take time off from the every day rush. A hotel doesn't quite do it – it's a rather busy place. English country cottages are situated in such a way that they are close to towns but far away enough so that you get all the quiet you need.

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  4. Do you love the antique feeling? Country cottages are old, and you'll find that some of them are still the way they were when they were built, with restorations done here and there to keep them going. Many of them have retained the old furniture as well, and you'll be able to enjoy the feeling of being transported back in time.

  5. If you love privacy, English country cottages are the thing for you. You have the whole place to yourself. You can do whatever you like, just like at home, but with that holiday feeling. Many are big enough to accommodate groups as large as 20, so if there's many of you, you'll still have enough room for all of you.

  6. If you tend to get sick of hotel food after some time, you'll love an English cottage because you have the option to self cater. And this is even better because you get fresh farm produce from all the farms around so you can get to eat healthy. If you don't want to self cater, you can request that someone come in and do your cooking and laundry for you, but it will be different from the constant intrusion of hotel staff.

  7. If you have kids who have never had a taste of country life, this is a perfect way to introduce them to it with minimum hustle. They will have the endless outdoors to spoil themselves, they can learn about the countryside and they can visit farms that are close so that they can learn a little about where their food comes from.

Its romantic, its cheap, its quiet and its antique. What else does one want on a holiday? Unless you're in England for business and are forced to stay in a hotel, English country cottages are the perfect way to experience England. And by the way, you can get the very same style of cottages in Wales and Scotland too.